Droitwich ArtsFest

Saturday 15 July

12 noon – Official Opening Droitwich ArtsFest

St Andrew’s Square, Droitwich Spa

Announcement by the Town Crier, followed by a few words from the Mayor of Droitwich Spa and Nigel Huddleston MP. Spa Man is expected to put in an appearance!

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Saturday 15 July | 12pm

Worcester Voices Unlimited – Droitwich ArtsFest

St Andrew’s Square , Droitwich Spa


Worcestershire’s biggest independent adult contemporary vocal group. With well over 100 keen members, they’ve been doing their best to entertain audiences throughout the county since 2008. ​ In recent times, VU have sung their hearts out in such diverse venues as The Swan Theatre, The West Midlands Safari Park, The Forum Theatre, Huntingdon Hall, Worcester Cathedral, Gloucester Cathedral, Worcester Guildhall, The Pavilion in the Park, The Artrix, and Pershore No. 8. They have even sung on top of a furnace at one point! ​ VU have just finished recording an album with ITV Superstar’s Jon Moses, and were really very excited when the album went to No. 5 on the iTunes charts in the week that it was released! They are looking forward to touring with Jon later in the year, and are very much looking forward to coming back to Droitwich for Music in the Square. See you there!


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Sunday 16 July | 6.30pm

Keith Slater’s Sinatra Celebration – Droitwich ArtsFest

St Andrews Town Hotel, Droitwich Spa, WR9 8AL

Computer graphics, state of the art sound, lighting and projection bring to life the story of this unique artist and icon of the 20th century. A show packed full of classic hits! Using film footage and photos from the archives “Sinatra Celebration” takes us on a fascinating journey through the life and times of “Ole blue eyes”.

A trip down memory lane like never before! View a short promotional video here.

Droitwich resident Keith Slater has been a professional musician since 1981 and has toured extensively round the British Isles. He has recorded with well known bands and has appeared a number of times on national TV. His music has been played on Radio One, Radio Two, and local radio. He regularly works with well known Midlands artistes Carl Chinn (Birmingham historian), Malcolm Stent, and Don Maclean. “Awesome show not to be missed” (The Beachcomber, Brean Sands)


Monday 17 July | 7.45pm

Handle’s Water Music – Droitwich ArtsFest

Vines Park, Droitwich Spa

At about 8 pm on Wednesday, 17 July 1717, King George I and several aristocrats boarded a royal barge at Whitehall Palace, for an excursion up the Thames toward Chelsea. Another barge, provided by the City of London, contained about 50 musicians who performed George Frideric Handel’s Water Music. Many other Londoners also took to the river to hear the concert. The king was so pleased with the Water Music that he ordered it to be repeated at least three times. It was a good political move by King George to gain favour from the public; and Handel became even more famous.

At about 8 pm on Monday, 17th July 2017, the Canal and River Trust Community Work boat (the Wanderer) will travel the canal in vines Park with Blackwell Concert Band playing Handel’s Water Music. On the canal bank, near the Waitrose swing bridge, will be a commentary on Handel’s work with playacting.

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Friday 21 July | 7pm

Alan, Alec and Bert – Droitwich ArtsFest

St Andrew’s Church , St Andrew’s St, WR9 8HE, UK

‘Pay What You Want’ Event. We suggest a contribution of £3 per person, but you can pay more, or pay less.

We’ve all got parents. And, if the natural order of the world allows, we will all lose them at some point.  However much we think we know them, death always brings with it a re-evaluation of those we have lost. When his Dad died in early 2016, David Izod went on a journey into the past, a journey that saw him learn more not only about his father, Alan, but also about his Grandfather, Bert and his Grandfather’s best friend, Alec, whose lives, it turned out, were intertwined with David’s on a much closer level than ever he knew. Moving from the Edwardian slums of North London to the fields of Flanders and rainy Thursday nights in modern day Cheltenham, this new 75 minute monologue is by turns both hilariously funny and desperately sad. While it tells the story of David’s Dad, it is really telling the story of all of us: we have all got parents and not one of us chose them.

“Funny, sad, and totally engaging”

David Izod Between 1989-1998, David Izod toured Britain and Europe with a series of autobiographical monologues that documented the milestones of his life: the death of his mother (Fiction from New York), trying to make a living as a writer (Fred Couldn’t Make it), the passing of sporting heroes (Thanks Bobby), and his experience as a cancer patient (The Teratoma Show). A regular at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, David worked alone until The Teratoma Show when he teamed up with musician Pete Williams (from Dexy’s Midnight Runners) to create a show that toured for four years, playing in venues across the country from Truro to Scunthorpe.  After a break of nearly ten years, David returned to The Tramway Theatre in Glasgow in 2007 with ‘The Bill Dixon Memorial Tour’ that told the story of what it was like to turn forty, get dumped by his girlfriend and take up cycling, a passion that saw him cycle alone from Lands End to John O’Groats.

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Saturday 22 July | 7pm

Poetry Extravaganza – Droitwich ArtsFest

Park’s Cafe , Parks Cafe Bar, Droitwich Spa

An evening of poetry, literature, and music in Park’s Cafe Victoria Square. Droitwich Arts Network (DAN) wishes to thank Nina Lewis for her efforts in bringing together this group of local poets. Performers include: Fergus McGonigal, Maggie Doyle, Mike Alma, Amanda Bonnick, Sarah Leavesley, Nina Lewis, Jenna Plewes, Ruth Stacey, Helen Calcutt, Sheryl Browne, Polly Stretton, Leena Batchelor and Jenny Hope.

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Tuesday 25 July | 7.30pm

Graham Short – Known as ‘The Hands of Genius’ for his micro-art – Droitwich ArtsFest

Droitwich Old Library / CVS Community Hub , The Old Library Centre, 65 Ombersley St E,WR9 8QS,


A presentation by Graham Short in Droitwich Old Library.

 ‘Pay What You Want’ Event. We suggest a contribution of £4 per person, but you can pay more, or pay less.

“How I engraved The Lord’s Prayer on the head of a gold pin, and a portrait of HM The Queen on a speck of gold inside the eye of a needle”. Known as ‘The Hands of Genius’ for his micro-art, Graham Short will explain how he goes to both physical and mental extremes to produce the highest-quality engravings in the world. Graham’s desire to produce an engraving so small as to be illegible to the naked eye led him to producing The Lord’s Prayer, engraved on the head of a gold pin.

Graham has appeared in television news items in 42 countries, been the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary, and in 2015 his story was told at the Annual Arts and Film Festival in Hollywood, California.

This could be the most unusual and entertaining power-point presentation you are likely to see – by the micro-artist responsible for engraving Jane Austen’s portrait on four £5 notes – full of amusing anecdotes of his involvement with the Royal Family, Uri Geller, Ronnie Barker, Kim Kardashian, astronaut Neil Armstrong, and other celebrities.

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Saturday 29 July | 10.30am

Photo Walk – Droitwich ArtsFest

Meetbox Shopping Centre, St Andrews Square, WR9 8HE

The event is open to anyone interested in photography – novices, learners and experts. Any kind of camera is good enough, including phone cameras. There will not be any formal teaching but a number of experienced photographers from Droitwich Camera Club will be able to give guidance as required. At the end of the walk you will have the opportunity to view your photos on a computer so please bring the necessary connecting cable if you have it.

Numbers are limited, and youngsters under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Gather at the Meetbox in St Andrew’s Square (venue to be confirmed) a few minutes before 10.30 am. Finish about 12.30 pm.

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Sunday 30 July | 7pm

Hilarious Tales of Old Brum – An Evening with Malcolm Stent – Droitwich ArtsFest

St Andrews Town Hotel, Worcester Rd, Droitwich Spa , WR9 8AL


Born and bred in Birmingham, comedian and entertainer Malcolm Stent is very proud of his native city and in “Hilarious Tales of Old Brum” he tells jokes, plays his guitar, sings some great songs and shares some stories and anecdotes about his family and the community he lived in when he grew up in the back streets of Birmingham in the 50’s and 60’s. Though times and places may have changed, that great Brummie spirit and its unique brand of humour survive intact!

Come and share an evening of comedy and music with one of the Midland’s favourite performers!

Malcolm Stent is one of Birmingham’s best loved and most acclaimed entertainers. He has been performing professionally and making audiences laugh for over 30 years and has gained legions of fans of all ages. His early entertainment roots grew in skiffle bands and folk clubs. He was a founder member of the Timoneers (together with Droitwich resident Malcolm “Hearty” Wakeman) and they enjoyed huge popularity during the sixties as they went from village halls to radio and TV with their unique blend of music and humour. He had his own show on BBC Radio WM and was a regular on BBC Pebble Mill. He now performs his one man show in theatres and village halls and he has regular matinee shows of comedy and music at the Core Theatre, Solihull. He also hosts his hugely popular show “Malcolm Stent’s Songs of Praise” with the Salvation Army Band.

Not only a performer, Malcolm is a well-respected playwright. His plays “Go and Play Up Your Own End”, “A League Apart”  and more recently “Brummegem Pals”, co-written with Don Maclean, have been staged around the Midlands and wider afield and have been very well received by audiences. He has also notched up an amazing 26 years of writing and performing in the Solihull pantomime. He is co-writer of “Back To Back” and “Wait Till Your Father Comes Home” with Don Maclean.

Alongside his professional work as a comedian, Malcolm has worked tirelessly over the decades for small and large charities across the Midlands including hospital visits, fundraisers, guest speaking and similar, and was recently awarded the BEM in Her Majesty The Queen’s New Year Honours List.

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Monday 31 July | 7pm


Guided tour of the mosaics at Sacred Heart Church – Droitwich ArtsFest

Sacred Heart Church, Droitwich Spa, WR9 8AS

David Holden will lead us on a guided tour of the mosaics. The mosaics of The Church of the Sacred Heart and St Catherine of Alexandria are considered to be among the finest in England. They were designed by Gabriel Pippet and carried out by the mosaicists Maurice Josey and Fred Oates.

Rhys Jones | artsfest@droitwichartsnetwork.org | http://www.droitwichartsfest.org/events/

Tuesday 1 August

Exhibition by members of Droitwich Arts Network

Droitwich Library, Victoria Square, Droitwich Spa, WR9 8DQ


Art works to be delivered during the morning and the exhibition set up during the afternoon. The exhibition continues until 1st September.

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Saturday 5 August


Arts in view – Droitwich ArtsFest


Victoria Square , Droitwich Spa, WR9 8DS


See displays of work by members of Droitwich Arts Network, as well as talk to artists at work.


Rhys Jones | artsfest@droitwichartsnetwork.org | http://www.droitwichartsfest.org/events/


Saturday 5 August | 3pm


Droitwich Community Choir Droitwich Community Choir – Droitwich ArtsFest


St Andrew’s Square , Droitwich Spa


The Choir performs songs from pop to rock, soul, gospel, and musicals. There will be something for everyone!

Droitwich Spa Community Choir was formed in January 2012 and was the brain child of a group of local friends who thought it would be fun to bring together a few people from the local community to form a small choir.  After placing a small article in the local paper they were overwhelmed when on the first night over 100 local people turned up to sing. Since then the Choir has gone from strength to strength performing at many of the local events and festivals and have even performed with Russel Watson at The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre during his 2015 UK tour.  During the past 3 years the Choir have raised hundreds of pounds for their adopted charity embracing the true meaning of a “community” choir. In December 2016 the Choir hosted their very own “Noel Fest” and were proud to present students from Droitwich Spa High School’s Madrigal Choir and the Salvation Armies’ Profide Brass Band.

This year the Choir have a brand new set list and will be performing at many local events such as St Richard’s Festival, Salt King Celebration, Droitwich ArtsFest, and Upton on Severn Choir Festival. Currently the choir has over 80 members.


Rhys Jones | artsfest@droitwichartsnetwork.org | http://www.droitwichartsfest.org/events/